Facilities Management

Lock Property Services provides a range of hard Facilities Management services. We take care of everything your company needs to make your property’s environment safe and comfortable, from heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), to electrical and lighting systems, to locks and security. Our Facilities Management solutions combine affordability with quality and reliability to create an offering we are very proud of.

Our goal is to take the stress of maintaining their buildings away from landlords and commercial property owners. By trusting in our facilities management services, including our planned and proactive maintenance packages, property owners can save time and money, relying on Lock Property Services to take care of everything while you focus on growing your business.

Our flexible, professional service allows you to choose from as many or as few of our services as you require. We adopt a ‘whatever it takes’ approach to minimise disruption to our customers operations either during planned maintenance or reactive visits.

facilities management

Landlord Facilities Management Services

Lock Property Services can look after Landlords’ domestic premises, providing offering a selection of services which can be tailored to suit any requirements. From a single property to a large property portfolio, we can provide anything from a complete hard facilities management service, to a single reactive repair project.

All of a Landlord’s worst fears can be taken care of by Lock Property Services, leaving you with more free time and much lower stress! From tenants losing keys, or damaging plaster work, or even non-fault wear and tear issues like leaky pipes; we can investigate and repair on your behalf. Our Facilities Management services include common outside issues like landscaping and garden maintenance, to important plumbing and electrical maintenance and safety testing, to plastering and flooring repair. Get in touch to find out more about our domestic premises facilities management services.

HVAC Repair & Maintenance Northern Ireland

A property’s heating, ventilation and air conditioning, or HVAC system is an essential part of any commercial premises, and unless it is regularly maintained and serviced, it can become a costly and stressful burden. We offer HVAC planned and reactive maintenance options to help you keep your building’s system working at peak efficiency.

By choosing one of our planned, or scheduled, maintenance offerings, we can help to ensure that your HVAC system is energy efficient, and by spotting any issues early on through our regular checks, we can help to prevent costly downtime and large scale repairs. When you consider that in your average commercial building, the HVAC system is the biggest energy expenditure on a daily business, it can be a costly mistake not to invest in keeping it safe, efficient and working smoothly.

We are based in Northern Ireland and if you would like to find out more about Lock Property Services’ Facilities Management service, get in touch today.


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