Here’s how Lock Property Services can add value to your home

Lock Property Services is a well-established company with an excellent reputation across Northern Ireland.
As tradesmen and professional builders with several years of experience we offer our clients a dependable and professional service plus doing a good job at a fair price.
Why you should convert your loft
If you are contemplating enlarging your home and have been pondering what type of house extension would be best suited to your needs, then a loft conversion project could be for you. Loft conversions can be less costly than other types of extension and can give you just as much room.
If you are looking to add an extra bedroom, then then this could be the solution for you. Even though you may think your loft is too small, with the addition of Dormer loft conversion windows you would be astonished at how large it can look.
Unlike a house extension, a loft conversion design and build is less dependent on the weather as most of the work is done inside the property.
And ultimately, your loft space is one of the most versatile in your home. You can add an en-suite to the bedroom or, if you appreciate a scenic view, then why not use loft conversions in your existing roof as a much-needed extra dwelling space?
A loft conversion can be one of the most cost-effective and straightforward ways of increasing the roof space in your house. Loft conversions are an ever more popular choice for homeowners looking to find that additional living space without having to move to a new house, plus it has the additional benefit of adding as much as 10% to the value of your home.
Loft conversions are a fantastic way to increase your home’s living areas and to make the most of a space that is mostly unoccupied. A loft can be used for added bedrooms, a bathroom, or a play area for young children, or for a home office.
Important things to consider when deciding to have your loft converted…
Planning permission from your local authority, complying with the building regulations, insulation, insurance, and safety are all key aspects to loft extensions which need careful attention before any work can begin. Fire safety is one thing that is normally not taken seriously enough.
The simple rule around fire safety is that all upstairs habitable rooms must have some form of fire escape window and fireproof staircase. We will advise you on all facets of building regulations. You will need an assessment to make sure that your home is right for a loft conversion. We must evaluate the pitch angle, head height, structure, chimneys, or water tanks.

Why choose Lock Property Services Property Services for your Loft Conversions?

Lock Property Services is an all trades company meaning that we can manage all aspects of your loft conversion.
We strive to have a track record for delivering expert advice and exceptional workmanship. We understand that reliable tradesmen are difficult to come by and we are sure our team is a cut above the rest.

Lock Property Services will always:

  • Be punctual
  • Have fully trained and certified staff
  • Treat our clients with utmost respect
  • Be professional within your property
  • Be competitively priced

We provide these services:

Trained and experienced tradesmen, all our trades people are devoted and trained in their respective trades. Our staff take pride in their jobs, appreciate the high levels of conduct that Lock Property Services have set for them and truly enjoy working on projects ranging from small to large scale.
Customer Service.

Lock Property Services will not grow without high levels of customer service. That is why we will continuously endeavor to offer a service and customer experience that you are not only delighted with but that you tell your friends, family, and co-workers about.


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