Commercial Lighting

Lock Property Services lighting maintenance services have a skillful team of interior and exterior lighting installation installers who have worked in retail, commercial, industrial and hospitality installations.

We will work around your timescales. As standard, we will complete an assessment of your current system. We will then look to repair or install units with the latest low-energy control technology.

Retail Lighting

We provide maintenance, installations, improve product displays in retail spaces and levels while lowering energy consumption. We carry out many types of work from single shops to large high street brands.

Office Lighting

From single offices to multi-story offices, Lock Property Services offer professional advice to repair, install and maintain commercial systems. We include conventional systems, which several office suites still currently have.

Industrial Business Lighting

This can be difficult to maintain owing to the size or location of the system itself. Lock Property Services make every effort to make repairs and installations in industrial units as straightforward and cost effective as possible. We will advise you on the most cost-efficient way to keep your industrial lights running every day of the year.

Hospitality Lighting

Units within hospitality will often be used longer than any other commercial situation and for this purpose, repairs and maintenance are crucial requirements most weeks of the year. Our team is skilled in hospitality work, offering the swiftest service to make sure your business always looks professional.

LED Security lighting for your business

These units can be installed to help in the discovery of trespassers and to deter intruders. Energy efficient security lights can be controlled manually or automatically by infra-red detectors (PIR Sensors) which are motion sensors that trigger the unit when a person moves into its field of sight. They are ideal as an add-on to a CCTV system for night-time surveillance at your company.


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