Domestic Rewiring Service in Northern Ireland

Full or part home rewires

Our qualified electricians can offer you a full rewires, or part, electrical rewiring service for all types of domestic properties electrical systems, including kitchen and bathroom, new build, and conversion rewiring.

All our new rewiring installations will be monitored regularly against the Electrical Regulations stipulations. We carry out full and part rewires on home electrics. Our electrical engineers have years of experience in providing high quality rewiring in domestic properties.

Often, older electrical wiring does not support the level of electrical equipment that a family home needs these days.

Electrical fault finding is not always easy but being able to identify electrical faults and then understand how to correct them, in particular those associated with electrical faults in fuse boxes or appliances in the home is vital.

When renovating a property, it is important to determine as early in the process as possible, whether rewiring will be needed, as the fabric, décor and fittings of the building are likely to be disrupted.

Rewiring a house is categorised as first fix and second fix. First fix is generally taken to mean the works before plastering. Running new cabling will involve lifting floor coverings, floorboards, and possibly skirting boards, as well as routing out channels in the walls. First fix work also involves fitting new back boxes for sockets and switches.

Second fix takes place once the building has been re- plastered, flooring replaced, ceilings filled and made good, and so on, and might include installing a new consumer unit. As our electrical engineers work you will have electrical power in your home during the rewire.

Did you recently buy a property that is in need of renovations or do you suspect the electrics in your existing house may need to be inspected?

Summary of our Domestic Services

Some reasons to rewire your home include:

  • If your fuses are continually blowing
  • If there are earth wires absent from sockets and switches
  • Cables covered in black rubber or cables coated in lead or fabric
  • Fuse box which has a wooden back
  • Round pin sockets and light switches, sockets fitted in skirting boards

If any of the above are present within your property, we would recommend that your current wiring system needs modernising.


Will I be left without power?

We will make sure that you always have electricity.

What is involved in the work?

We will swap out all old existing sockets, light pendants, cabling, and consumer unit.

What type of consumer unit will be fitted?

We will supply you with a consumer unit which is equipped with a series of circuit breakers. This is controlled by an RCD. This is a typical installation which will protect you against electrical shocks.

How long will the work take to complete?

Generally a rewire for a three-bedroom house would normally take up to one week. But this is dependent upon the works to be carried out on each proj


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